Design Criteria 

Research elements are transparency, fragile, light and shadow, colour


transparency: creating transparency in the industry and system.

transparency: seeing through women, overlooked, not visible

fragile: work of women historically is too fragile to show. Certain materials are still refered to as being typically masculine or feminine. Feminine work is perceived as fragile compared to man.

colour: women’s art work are more often than men’s referred to as colourful

light and shadow. Women need to be put in the spotlight to step out of the shadow of men


Glass sculpture

With this test the limits of fragile thin glass pieces are put to the test by creating a sculpture. 




see through

interesting effect looking through because of thin glass pieces that are broken unevenly with open areas. 

Different places were glass changes color if you see several pieces over each other, also visible in the shadow.


recycled glass can be used. Perhaps of interesting objects or glass of certain location.

Pieces of the shattered glass ceiling. 


Use a different way to connect the pieces for more stability, e.g. test if the pieces allow torch connection or fuse option and other glues.

Create several versions to learn to sculpture with glass pieces.

Play with the reflection options. How recognisable does the sculpture need to be for the reflection or the other way around?

Solid glass pieces

For this test thick, solid floating glass pieces are stagged into a shape

see through

interesting effect looking through because of thick glass strips that are broken unevenly.


recycled glass can be used. Perhaps of interesting objects or glass of certain location.


Can I create a pattern with the combination made, so image will appear based on the shattered glass pieced and around is clear?

Glass string sculpture

How small can it be to have impact?

This extremely fragile glass string is bent over a candle into a profile. 




see through

see through next level, hardly anything left to look at and through. The shadow though can be impressive and changes based on the angle of the viewer, light and glass object. 


What does distance do and the light source?

Can I use several strings that work individually but are stronger as a group, like women?

Invisible ink

From invisible to visible can only be realised through an action. 

To make change happen, something conscious needs to be done. In this case making an invisible message that can be revealed by adding heat. The text is written with lemon juice on thick paper.


Based on the intensity of the ink and the flame the colours and lines of the object differ intensity and effect.


Try other invisible options and materials like linen. 


  1. Glass shadow sculpture
  • another shattered glass sculpture with other glue
  • fuse glass sculpture
  • other colours glass

2.   Glass string profile

  • make another profile and see if I can make several into 1 object
  • play with shadow and light angle


3. invisible ink

  • test other materials

4.   Glass solid piece

  • make another version with other glue
  • fuse a version
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